One to One Presentation Skills Coaching

You'll be glad to know that Lee delivers his coaching both in person and online.

Got a big work presentation coming up? Got to pitch for some new work? Need to consult a genuine Presentation expert?

"It’s been brilliant to see the growth in my colleague's speaking skills as a result of Lee’s coaching. My colleague was already an inspiring, passionate speaker but through Lee’s input, I’ve seen the personality that we all know and love working with, translated into his presentations which has been really exciting to watch..."
Director of National Development, TLG 

Lee only takes on a handful of clients every year for one to one Presentation Skills Coaching - either in person or via video.

“Lee is a true professional. His coaching and guidance is priceless. He helped to simplify a complex subject and ensured my presentation was a success.”
Sparrow Capital

His previous one to one clients have been leaders in Professional Services, Olympic Athletes, Retail, Charities, Members of Parliament and other Professional Speakers.

If you are interested in Lee's exclusive and confidential Executive Presentation Coaching please contact us directly here.