Get Good® At Life + Work - Business Testimonials

This is a selection of quotes from previous business/workplace clients, we get more all the time, please see Lee's LinkedIn profile for his ever-increasing pile of recommendations - 

Here are just some of the people and organisations that Lee has worked with over the years:

Schools and academies
Many top Universities including Leeds and Durham.
Austin Hayes Ltd
Gateshead Council
Career Academies UK
The Global Speakers Summit
Telegraph ad Argus Newspaper
FE colleges
Tribal group
BNI and many other networking organisations
Many voluntary / third sector organisations
Common Purpose
Watson Moore
Leeds City Council
SalesChannel Europe
Leeds Federated Housing
Wrigleys solicitors
Addleshaw Goddard LLP
Wakefield Council
Government office for Yorkshire and Humber
Co-operative Insurance
TV stars
Elected politicians
Olympic gold medalists
Yorkshire Bank
Leeds, York and Bradford NHS trusts
A group of Vicars (!)
A cruise ship (!)
and Lee even met the Dalai Lama once - he didn’t need any help though!


"I recommend Lee as an inspirational speaker if you are looking for someone to engage with and motivate your staff - down to earth, pragmatic and really hits the heart of the matter."
Leeds Federated Housing

"Lee is a first class communicator, he is able to capture and then maintain an audience’s attention with wit, humour and a real-life relevance."

"Lee is an innovative and inspiring speaker who quickly builds a rapport with his audience. Through clever use of media and humour Lee not only entertains but delivers a powerful and important message."
Leeds Metropolitan University

"Lee kept the whole audience entertained throughout."
Yorkshire Bank

"Lee...was excellent.  Really clear, concise advice and tips about delivering a great presentation (whatever your level of experience) and all delivered with pace and humour."
Addleshaw Goddard LLP
"Lee's presentation was informative, interesting and fun I went away with some great tips."
The Co-operative Insurance

"Lee Jackson delivered an accessible, practical and useful training session mixed in with plenty of humour. He is an excellent speaker whose content, style and delivery was right on the money for our business focused audience."
Addleshaw Goddard LLP

"On the same platform as Sir Trevor Phillips, Lee produced one of the most insightful, thought-provoking and humorous presentations I had seen in some time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future events."
Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber

"You got the whole team involved, and we had a cracking time!"
Yorkshire Bank

"Wow, Mr. Jackson, you really know how to get a good deal buying a car. You nailed us to the floor on that vehicles price!"
Vantage Toyota Dealership

"If you want entertainment, hire a comedian. If you want entertainment AND insight, hire Lee Jackson."
Paul McGee, Author of the best selling business book ‘S.U.M.O’

"Upon hearing the word 'presentation' my eyes usually close. But this was not the case during Lee's presentation, during which the 45 minutes' of tips, advice and interactivity flew by. A very enjoyable experience. Thank You!"
Addleshaw Goddard LLP

"Lee’s talk was interactive, thought-provoking and funny, everyone tuned in and enjoyed the session and went away with a positive attitude…to their future!"
Teesside University

"Lee is a uniquely gifted speaker with a wry sense of humour and a refreshingly honest outlook on life."
John Archer (Comedy magician of the year and star of BGT and BBC TV)

"…Lee adopts exactly the right balance with plenty of humour and audience interaction, interspersing motivational anecdotes and a strong ‘call to action’ message."
Business Liaison Officer, St. Aidans CofE High School

"After Lee had delivered the session I felt that my team were better equipped to present material…due to a new found confidence, and deeper understanding…"
Wakefield Council.

"Lee was energetic, original and professional…a refreshing and motivating time!"
Sheffield College

"Lee is a gifted communicator, with a refreshing style."
Xsolve Media

"Lee Jackson delivers common sense with a smile on his face. He puts the person back into the people!"

"We really enjoyed Lee's presentation, simple but effective!"

"It was fascinating listening to Lee, a fresh new approach on motivating people in the work place. Love the accents!"
Alder House Hotel

"Lee was entertaining, but more importantly, in just 15 minutes, at 7am in the morning he gave me a nugget of wisdom to remind me how to get more out of my staff and come to think of it my clients, friends and family as well. I have told 6 people already about your pigeon story!"
HRActive Ltd

"Lee is a dynamic speaker who leaves you with food for thought about the best way to motivate colleagues and employees within your business."
Better Business Breakfasts

"Lee’s presentation was one of the most popular at our International Confex event."
UBM Conferences

"Lee has worked with us as a presentation consultant to make our nation-wide communications meetings the best they can be. There were some great conclusions from his consultation work. The main change has been that we are weaning the presenters off wordy slides and the presenters are now being challenged to learn their script. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable on presentation skills and PowerPoint/slide design. We look forward to working with him again."
Specsavers Optical Group

"It's amazing how many people in business use PowerPoint without having a clue how to use it. As such, it has a really bad reputation and a bad name. Enter Lee's someone who knows how to use it...PROPERLY, and how to interact with it. He knows how to get the most out of it, and how both designers and delivers can use it as it was meant to and in doing so, deliver messages that are attractive enough for people to engage with."
Asda Stores Ltd

"Lee went to great lengths to understand our business and the outcomes we strived. He then used creative and innovative ways to update our thinking with presentations and messaging. The time we spent with Lee delivered some immediate value outcomes with presentations and helped us understand a firm philosophy which we'll continue to build from. Since then I have seen improved client feedback and no doubt it has contributed to our businesses upward growth"
Business Development Manager at Firmstep

Here's a few testimonials re: powerpoint slides and presentation skills, many from other speakers, these are taken from Linkedin - you can view them live here... 

“Lee's talk was thought provoking, punchy and humorous. His use of props with high impact images was powerful. He made a potentially very dull topic interesting and memorable with his expert, professional use of powerful slides.”
E Milnes Past President, Professional Speaking Association

“Six months ago I heard Lee speak. What he said struck a chord but what is incredible is that I can still quote verbatim from his presentation today. Lee’s great content was supported by brilliant slides and that is what made the speech so memorable. Thanks Lee, I’m hoping people will be quoting my presentation six months from now!”

“He is just brilliant!”
R Harrop, The CEO Expert

“Not only does Lee show you where you are going wrong, but he helps you to get things right. Funny, challenging and content rich, with superb visuals that clearly demonstrate his expertise. A nice guy with it.”
D Hyner, professional communicator

“Lee's work is excellent. He understands his market, a great speaker and the best way to communicate a point.”
C Young, entrepreneur and former contestant on The Apprentice

“Lee has spoken at Bettakultcha many times and always wows the audience, whether he's talking about attitudes to young people, doing a live DJ set with slides, in 5 minutes, or giving us a hand with the organisation and development of Bettakultcha, Lee is always an asset. I truly love working with Lee and I'm sure I'll continue to well into the future.”
R Michie, Founder, Bettakultcha

"Lee's style of presenting impressed me so much that I have now worked with Lee on numerous occasions. Lee is someone who will move mountains to help you. 100% Professional, 100% Genuine and 100% a true gent."
R McCann, Inspirational Speaker

“Lee is one of the most entertaining but informative - i.e. effective - speakers I know. He has a disarming directness and frank approach but has such a sensitive nature that he does not offend. His style is excellent, as can be seen on YouTube and TED (and in his books), and he is authoritative on the subjects he tackles.... His grasp of technology (something often lacking in speakers) is also excellent: he is able to manage the equipment and also understands what works and doesn't when using computers to communicate with people. Lee... is very much a 'just do it' person who cuts through administration when needed in order to get the job done. I've known Lee for over ten years and I respect his integrity and approach greatly.”
K Fearnley Tribal Group

“Lee’s presentation training was top quality. His ability to gently ease out the different skills and weaknesses of participants – and then build on them – was impressive and has provided me with many practical techniques I’ll apply in future. His training is of real value!”
S Williams, Leeds Federated Housing

“Anyone who speaks regularly in public or wants to improve the results or perception of their presentations would benefit from working with Lee.”
N Mawby, Group Marketing Manager, McCain

“Had a great session with Lee developing public speaking and presentation skills. Although challenging, it was carried out in a fun, non-threatening way and dare I say this about having to stand up in front of people and deliver a presentation - it was even enjoyable! Highly recommended. Thank you.”
J Gardner, Leeds Fed Housing

“Lee delivered a day on presentation skills to our staff, all with ranging abilities and experience in up front presentations. Lee's knowledge is excellent, his ability to connect with people is second to none, and every one of our staff who attended came away challenged, inspired and having grown as a presenter. Lee's training on delivering presentations is interactive, exciting and you will see the confidence and quality of presentations in your teams increase as a result of this training. It is built on years of public speaking, and Lee shares some golden nuggets of his experience, tailoring the day to the 'audience' he has. On top of that, he's a nice guy as well! Highly recommended!”
L Jennings, YFC