Get Good® At Presenting with Presentation Coach Lee Jackson

Need training online or in-person? You'll be glad to know that Lee delivers with the same engagement both on-site and online! He doesn't do sat-down, bullet-heavy dull webinars, and has a full, professionally equipped audio and video studio.

Get Good® At Presenting with Lee Jackson (and get a free tips sheet too - see bottom of page)...

Does your organisation need help with your face to face communication?
Do you or your colleagues often feel nervous when presenting?
Are you lost at sea when trying to prepare a talk?
Are you drowning in too much data and death-by-powerpoint?
Want to be more confident pitching for business or within your organisation?
Lee can help you present with confidence. He can help you 'Get Good At Presenting'.

"It’s been brilliant to see the growth in my colleague's speaking skills as a result of Lee’s coaching. My colleague was already an inspiring, passionate speaker but through Lee’s input, I’ve seen the personality that we all know and love working with, translated into his presentations which have been really exciting to watch! He is now a first-class, engaging speaker and it’s brilliant to see the audience being drawn into our crucial work with children as a result."
Director of National Development, TLG 

Lee Jackson is one of the most decorated professional speakers in the UK & Ireland. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), was awarded the PSAE - the Professional Speaking Award of excellence - one of only 28 people ever. Also he has received The PSA Presidents Award and served as the President of the PSA in the UK and Ireland too.

Here are 19 free one-minute tip videos from Lee - a playlist of YouTube shorts on Get Good® At Presenting:

Lee has written the book 'Get Good At Presenting' 'Get Good At Slides', hosts the 'Get Good at Presenting' the podcast too, and has done this for most of his life - who better to teach you or your workplace Presentation Skills? But don't take his word for it...

"I attended a fabulous workshop led by Lee. He is a very authentic speaker, warm, funny and very much himself. It was a great session which taught us to think differently about how we use our slides and the way we use story to express ideas. I highly recommend Lee to anyone who wants to improve their presenting skills."
University of Derby 

"I attended Lee's Presentation Skills day. It was fantastic. I’ve been trying to develop my skills in this area for years and have spent loads of time and money on a number of different presenting and public speaking courses to no avail. None of them has really helped or made sense to me and It’s been hugely frustrating - until now. It's all finally made sense. It’s like Lee turned on a light in what has been a dark, intimidating room."
NHS Commissioner

"Lee is a true professional. His coaching and guidance is priceless. He helped to simplify a complex subject and ensured my presentation was a success."
Sparrow Capital

Email to Lee from a client with a £1 billion budget:
From the feedback it seems clear that the delegates loved the course, they said...
“Brought me out of own comfort zone – a great achievement!”
“The most interactive course I have ever attended – great job!”
“The practical exercises were excellent"

There are two types of people who deliver Presentation Skills training.

The first has, often, only read a training manual, Lee speaks for a living, he has learnt good practice the hard way with some very tough audiences - that makes all the difference.

Many of our contacts in the business world tell us that they get more training on how to lift a heavy box than they do on their presentation skills, yet they are expected to perform well, often putting their job on the line.  Presentation skills training is a great investment in your leaders for many reasons.

"Lee is highly engaging, energetic and interactive and an expert in this area. We all came away with real nuggets on how to present properly and avoid the common pitfalls. Lee is a skilled trainer and his own presentation style is an excellent antidote to all those dry presentations you may have experienced in the past. I warmly recommend him to any organisation seeking to equip and encourage its staff to become better presenters and to stand out from the crowd."
Flowers McEwan Ltd/Institute of Financial Planners.

"If you are looking for someone to help staff with their presentation skills Lee is your man. He has worked with our Senior Management Team and Operational Managers to hone their skills in delivering interesting, well-presented, lively presentations (no death by powerpoint here)... down to earth, pragmatic and really hits the heart of the matter."
Leeds Federated Housing

"I’d just like to provide some positive feedback for Lee - I found him to be very friendly and proficient. He made a real effort to make the training relevant and as a result, I felt like I took some valuable lessons away from the session. An all-around good role model for public speaking"

The bottom line is that your presentation skills make a massive difference to you, your workplace, your reputation and your career. Yet people rarely invest time and money developing a crucial skill for today’s leaders.

Today's leaders have to communicate well, it’s not an option.

That's why Presentation skills training is key. 

You may benefit enormously from a session with a presentation coach or maybe your team would benefit from a presentation skills masterclass?

There is no mystery to better presentations. Simple advice and feedback from an experienced communicator is often all people need to excel. Remember, better presentations are a learned skill, not necessarily a talent you are born with!

"Lee went to great lengths to understand our business and the outcomes we strived. He then used creative and innovative ways to update our thinking with presentations and messaging. The time we spent with Lee delivered some immediate value outcomes with presentations and helped us understand a firm philosophy which we'll continue to build from. Since then I have seen improved client feedback and he has contributed to our businesses upward growth."
Firmstep (The UK's top public sector provider of backend database systems)

So, the only way to deliver a better presentation is to learn better presentation skills and then present often. Practise doesn't make perfect but it is essential for success. But practising alone only reinforces bad habits. Feedback from one of the UK's best speakers could be the difference you were looking for.

Lee has over twenty-five years of experience as a speaker in many different and challenging situations and offers one-to-one or group presentation coaching to leaders in education, business and organisations. Work on your content and delivery in confidence, with a natural and experienced communications coach.

For effective presentation coaching that delivers results contact Lee by calling 01132170081 now.

Remember, you can't learn presentation skills from someone who's just opened a training manual, you need to learn it from someone who does it for a living!

"I invited Lee to speak at Agile Yorkshire, a professional group for software engineers and leaders in our region. He packed the room and went on to charm, inspire and educate them in the art of communicating to an audience. Many of the attendees hold influential roles and regularly pitch or present for a living yet Lee held the attention of the room, made them laugh and without exception the feedback was full of praise. Book him if you can"
Royd Brayshay Director of

Even more information about presentation skills training…

By the end of the presentation skills training session, delegates will be able to:
Plan & prepare presentations better
Understand the pitfalls of poorly prepared and delivered presentations
Produce a professional presentation
Deliver upfront with greater personal confidence
Draw up a personal action plan of skills to be practised further
The Presentation skills training sessions content will cover:

Keeping the ideas flowing using idea-generating techniques
Researching the presentation’s key points.
Producing a presentation.
Looking at the style & content in relation to the intended audience

Basic dos and don’ts
Voice volume, subtleties and body language

Simple techniques on calming nerves and building confidence while upfront
Then, of course, follow up and feedback to deliver even better next time.

"Lee…was excellent.  Really clear, concise advice and tips about delivering a great presentation (whatever your level of experience) and all delivered with pace and humour."
Addleshaw Goddard

"Lee’s training was informative, interesting and fun - I went away with some great tips."
The Co-operative Insurance

"You got the whole team involved, and we had a cracking time!"
Yorkshire Bank

Lee's Presentation skills training sessions are delivered typically in:

A workshop setting with 6-15 delegates (1-6 hours including exercises)

One to One coaching with senior managers/executives (One to five 60-90 minute sessions, including feedback at actual presentations if needed)

Or as a seminar/keynote presentation at a large conference.

Some more information on Presentation skills training

As mentioned we believe that presentation skills are often ignored but are a key part to personal and professional development.

Lee does training days for small groups and sometimes individual coaching, although small groups are his preferred method of helping as other people can then chip in and help the learning too.

The first part is often Lee delivering good content on the three main areas of presentation skills - preparation, delivery and anxiety but in a very interactive way where he sets exercises for people and gets them speaking upfront from the start.

Then the next part is delivering a presentation in front of him and your peers (while being videoed on iPads or similar) from these sessions you will all get to give constructive feedback and also do some re-runs when appropriate. Then after the training is complete you get access to Lee as your ongoing personal presentation coach via telephone or Skype if needed.

The outcomes are simply greater confidence personally and with upfront speaking. It just works, and techniques are given for future delivery and to control anxiety.

Lee's training/coaching is a combination of up-front input, reviewing presentations to be delivered, and practising the techniques and skills discussed.

What more people say about Lee's Presentation skills training

See Lee's LinkedIn profile at the top right of this page for lots of up to date testimonials.


Struggling with your slides too?

Lee can incorporate slides training into his masterclass so you don't fall into the common trap of death by powerpoint...

PowerPoint Surgery the book (now known as Get Good® At Slides) was a genuine Amazon best-seller.

Powerpoint Training with Lee Jackson

You can also book Lee for PowerPoint coaching at your workplace too.

That is keynote presentations, workshops and coaching for organisations sick of boring presentations…

Bad Powerpoint slides can kill your presentations, and even your business too. When people say it was a ‘boring presentation’, slides are often involved and most likely death-by-bullet-point. There is another way.

Lee is a leading expert (and author) on presentation slide design (Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote etc).

A powerpoint surgeon if you like!

He is often called upon to help redesign and consult on the slides of SME’s, corporates, executives and speakers. He can consult, re-design or design new slides too for maximum impact.

Don’t let your slides be an afterthought, let them enhance your presentation!

Lee was invited to speak at the Professional Speaking Association’s Convention in London to help 120 professional speakers make their slides enhance not kill their message. Filmed at the Victory Services Club in Marble Arch on the same stage where Winston Churchill spoke from just before the war. This is that talk live with the slides…

Learn how to make great powerpoint or keynote slides, so we can kill death by powerpoint once and for all!

Great slides make your message stick, find out why by watching the video and you can hire Lee below…

Call Lee now on 01132170081 to get expert help for your presentations and slides.  

“Since appearing on BBC1’s The Apprentice I have become a regular on the speaking circuit. After 2 years I felt I need a refresh and some ‘oomph’ – who better to seek advice from than Lee Jackson! A pleasure to work with, informative and inspirational and the outcome has been super. My slides are spot on and the knock-on effect on my presentations has been second to none. He’s now become, my presentation consultant!”
C Young, BBC Apprentice.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy Lee's free Presentation Skills Tips Sheet PDF here