Get Good® At School - Motivational Schools Speaker - Raising Aspirations and Resilience in School Students

You'll be glad to know that Lee delivers both in-person and online with the same engagement and takes bookings for in-person and online speaking engagements, whatever you need.  

“In challenging times with tight budgets, we felt Lee gave us great value for money. He was a pleasure to work with...”
Temple Moor High School

“Lee is able to do that rare thing in a high school. He is able to challenge, reassure and amuse a potentially reluctant audience. It is through his ability to talk with conviction and with transparent honesty that draws the pupils and staff to listen carefully and reflect…”
Carr Manor Community School

Do your pupils or students sometimes lack day-to-day motivation or sometimes have low aspirations?

Do they need to understand how to be more resilient?

How about a down-to-earth revision or exam Study Skills refresher?

Do they need a great positive pre-exam or start of the year talk?

Or do you have a special event planned where a proven motivational schools speaker could make a real difference in their studies and your results?

Lee Jackson is a vastly experienced and highly recommended motivational schools speaker, and he can help...

Get Good® At School is Lee's bespoke and road-tested keynote presentation and follow up workshop for exam age students. Don't let your students miss out. No boring or irrelevant stuff, just good research and great advice delivered in a funny, encouraging and challenging inspirational talk.

"76 students were interviewed after receiving their GCSE results and asked, 'What 3 things/strategies helped them the most in achieving their results? 36% said that the motivational talk from Lee Jackson made a huge difference. 100% of the students stated that the student and parent event made a difference, one component of which was Lee Jackson's talk."
Assistant Head, Sir John Thursby Community College (community school)

“In challenging times with tight budgets, we felt Lee gave us great value for money. He was a pleasure to work with...”
Head of Y11, Temple Moor High School and Science College (community school)

"Active, lively, and perfect for our context."
Royal Hospital School, Suffolk (public school)

"We were all very impressed with your presentation and the workshop that followed."
Elizabeth College, Guernsey (public school)

Here are a few testimonial videos for you to watch, we get more all the time:

"I got a B, and two D's. I am very pleased with my results as I was predicted E’s and U’s....What kept me going was the techniques you taught me...I cannot thank you enough for the advice and help...your book and taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and to get in the right state not a right state!"
(From a 6th form student Lee coached using the techniques and content from his talks and books)

The main Get Good® At School presentation is...

Letting the students know how long they have been in school and that time is short
Encouraging them to understand if they are in school they can achieve
Finding out how they feel about the coming year in school
The Why - why we are at school/why we do things
The How - practical tips on working hard, procrastination and getting good over time
The Keeping On Going - resilience tips

The conclusion and the one thing they need to know right now
(All wrapped up in good story-telling, humour, videos with a dash of hope)

The optional follow up workshop is designed to be interactive, responsive and to go a bit deeper:

We does a warm up game and a movement game based on choices (we need a hall or big room for this session)
We good deeper on the feelings part of my talk - asking them how they feel about the year and that their feelings are not set in stone
Then we recap the main talk very briefly and answer any questions raised
And we end with some other top tips and an exercise where they fill in a short visual worksheet to help them know where they need to grow, work harder and also celebrate their successes

Not just a motivational schools speaker

Plus, make your budget go further and have deeper, lasting impact... all attendees to Lee's talk below can now get a full downloadable copy of his audiobook worth £9.99 per student and the staff get follow up notes too to deepen the learning. 

Ideal for 'drop-down' days and sessions where motivation/raising aspirations or leadership lessons is the aim.

(This content is usually delivered in a 40-60 minute keynote presentation for a year group and has an optional 40-60 minute workshop for a selected cohort or whole year group if needed.)

Also, Lee isn't a one-hit-wonder! He likes to add value to his visits to schools, by leaving staff with follow-up materials to deepen the learning from his presentations. Your young people can also benefit from £££'s of resources including online videos, ebooks and his audiobook etc. to use after Lee has visited them! Just ask for more details.

More about Lee

"Lee is an innovative and inspiring speaker who quickly builds a rapport with his audience. His energetic and interactive approach keeps young people motivated and engaged at all times. Through clever use of media and humour, Lee not only entertains but delivers a powerful and important message."
Widening Participation Activities Manager, Leeds Metropolitan University

Lee has worked in education for over eighteen years. He has learnt over this time what makes young people tick and how we can inspire them to achieve more. Getting the best out of people has dominated his career, experience and study; and is at the core of all he does. Having spoken to young people in dozens of schools, prisons and youth groups, Lee brings all of his experience and solid research to his presentations and workshops. Lee is refreshing, insightful and practical - and uses success stories (and a few of his mishaps) to communicate clearly to young people, leaving them with practical take away action points.

His visual and funny multi-media presentations are a welcome break from scripted lectures and ‘death-by-powerpoint’. Where else can you learn from Colonel Sanders and Susan Boyle in one presentation?!

"Lee’s presentation had the students more interested and engaged than I’d ever seen them before."
Aimhigher Co-ordinator, The Community Science College @ Thornhill (community school)

Lee addresses self-esteem, confidence, motivation and ambition. He helps young people understand that how they look at themselves and others has a great effect on daily motivation and their long-term future.

It can be quite easy to get young people excited with a great presentation, but what happens the next day and the week after that? Lee understands that many people are asking “yes, we want to stay motivated, we want to achieve more, BUT HOW?”

So, Lee the motivational school's speaker brings long-lasting insights and tools that go beyond the “buzz” of a good talk. During 2008/9 Lee worked closely with Carr Manor High School developing their Pupil Enrichment Programme days. Together they have succeeded in doing genuine cross-curriculum learning covering PSHCE, SRE, wellbeing, motivation, careers and citizenship in seven excellent days (plus staff training) with varied learning styles.

Lee’s vast experience helps him communicate to a wide range of young people including urban and suburban schools, adjusting his material and delivery to suit.

“Lee is able to do that rare thing in an inner-city high school. He is able to challenge, reassure and amuse a potentially reluctant audience. It is through his ability to talk with conviction and with transparent honesty that draws the pupils and staff to listen carefully and reflect on the content and context…”
Headteacher, Carr Manor High School, Leeds (community school)

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