Get Good At Slides: How to create presentation slides that make your message stick – ebook


In this helpful, cut-to-the-chase and down-to-earth book top professional speaker Lee Jackson will wean you, your workplace and your boss off bad presentation slides forever!


Sometimes when things get really bad, surgery is required. Bad Powerpoint* (and boring presentations) are everywhere!

It appears that they have almost become the norm and very few people seem to want to talk about it.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Bad presentations are costly. They can cost money, jobs and reputations, don’t let your slides ruin your pitch. In this funny, cut-to-the-chase and down-to-earth book professional speaker Lee Jackson will wean you, and your workplace off bad slides forever.

He’ll also teach you how good presentation slides can work for you and help you stand out from the crowd. Using these simple techniques we can kill death by bullet-point once and for all.


(N.B. This book is a colour paperback and illustrated with full-colour slides. Originally called ‘Powerpoint Surgery’)

“Lee takes a clever and refreshing approach to presentation mastery.” Nancy Duarte – author of ‘Slide:ology’, ‘Resonate’ and principal of Duarte (creators of the slides/visuals for Academy Award-winning film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’)

“Powerpoint Surgery is an invaluable resource…and I highly recommend it… ”
Jeremy Waite – Head of Social Strategy, Adobe EMEA

“Lee Jackson takes PowerPoint presentations from boring to brilliant.” Alan Stevens FPSA – Past President Global Speakers Federation and co-author of ‘The Exceptional Speaker

“…a masterclass of creating sublime slides & presentations, but be warned, you may never be able to sit through a presentation again without thinking of Lee Jackson! ”
Geoff Ramm – President 2013 Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland

“Jackson has got a bl***y nerve asking me to write a testimonial for his book. You see, I am a proudly militant Anti-PowerPoint Bigot, but somehow, he has turned the Indefensible into the Indispensable!”
Graham Davies – best selling author of ‘The Presentation Coach’

About the Author: Lee Jackson is an award-winning motivational speaker and presentation coach. He’s been speaking upfront for more than twenty-five years in many challenging situations. As well as speaking, he loves helping other people to speak well too. He is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) and also the national president of the PSA in 2016-17.

*PowerPoint is a loose generic term for any presentation slide design software.