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Discover little changes that will help you live a more connected, motivated, and resilient life with a greater sense of peace and purpose

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Get Good At Life:
Proven, practical ways to stay connected, motivated and resilient in a complex world

Get Good® At Life is a book filled with insightful advice and refreshing wisdom to help us thrive in the 21st century. It is thoughtful, practical and encouraging with a healthy dose of honesty, humour, and hope.

Award-winning motivational speaker Lee Jackson covers significant topics such as building good relationships, staying motivated, and developing resilience. Throughout the book, he shares personal stories and reflections from his life as a keynote speaker, presentation coach, former hip hop dj and very short local basketball player. He offers practical solutions based on his own research and encounters with inspiring people to help readers succeed in their personal and professional lives.

If you’re interested in personal development but confused by the abundance of self-help books out there, this is the perfect guide for you, as it debunks common myths and offers evidence-based solutions to help readers Get Good® At Life.


What does the book cover?

Get Good® At Life by Lee Jackson is a practical and uplifting guide that takes you on a journey towards a more fulfilled life. With an open heart and without judgement, Lee blends his own life experiences with solid evidence to provide a great guide for life.

In the first section,
Lee highlights the power of connection and the importance of building strong relationships with others. He provides practical advice on how to foster connections, maintain friendships, and develop a strong support network.

In the second section,
Lee addresses the pain of disconnection and provides strategies for dealing with challenging people at work and in life. He offers practical tips for managing conflict, setting boundaries, and maintaining a positive outlook in difficult situations.

In section three of the book,
Lee explores the psychology of motivation, helping readers to understand what motivates them and providing practical tips on how to get motivated. Through personal anecdotes and evidence-based research, Lee also guides readers on how to overcome procrastination and stay focused. He emphasizes the importance of taking small steps and celebrating progress to maintain motivation. With Lee's guidance, readers will be able to tap into their inner drive and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

Finally, in the fourth section,
Lee shows readers how to keep on going, even when the going gets tough. He shares practical strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and staying motivated over the long term.

Get Good® At Life is a must-read.
With practical advice, inspiring stories, and a compassionate approach, Lee's book offers readers the tools they need to build strong connections, manage difficult situations, stay motivated, and keep on going.


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Praise for Get Good® At Life

"If your life is amaaaazing, give this book a miss. Everyone else, fill your boots!"
Dr Andy Cope aka the “Dr of Happiness”, best-selling author with over a million books sold.

"Less of a book more an opportunity to eavesdrop into grounded, gritty gems of wisdom that not only provide insight to our present reality but also tools to create a more hopeful future."
Paul McGee aka ‘The SUMO guy’‘

"Have you noticed how there is so much noise, clutter and overwhelm around these days?
Well this book is an absolute breath of fresh air. It simplifies important messages without dumbing down. It is clear and gentle whilst still delivering those ‘wake-up’ punches that we all need. And it is written with warmth and humility whilst not compromising effectiveness.
Get Good At Life is just what we need right now"
Dr Lynda Shaw. Behavioural Neuroscientist, Founder of The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme.

“Lee is a wonderful and wise encourager. Pick any double-page spread of this book and it’ll improve your life if you put it into action. Accessible, useful, affirming - this is a perfect book for today’s busy age. Fostering connections, promoting a routine that works - it’s uplifting, time-saving and life-improving. Lee’s a great companion on this journey. Let him give you the boost you didn’t know you need. You won’t regret it.”
Paul Kerensa, award-winning comedian and writer inc. BBC’s Miranda, Not Going Out and Top Gear

"Down to earth. I love it! Practical insights, tools and solutions to empower and help you navigate the complexities of life with confidence.
An easy, fun and entertaining read too"
John Hotowka – Resilience Speaker

"Whether you're a teenager in school, an adult in the workplace or a comedy magician like myself - Lee gives some great advice here to help us all to enjoy and succeed in life. He’s a great motivator - I didn’t even want to give him a quote!”
John Archer - Award-winning comedy Magician, BGT semi-finalist

"At the end of Lee's book, he suggests we look for the light in a world that can have darkness around every corner. In his own inimitable and Yorkshire way Lee debunks many motivational myths with well-thought-through, proven, and helpful tips to make our day a better one - and with a smile along the way too."
Peter Roper, Best-selling Author, Award-winning Speaker, The Family Business Man

“This book is a brilliant little pick me up. Grab a moment, choose a subject, flip to that page, and you will be set up for the day with a positive little nugget.”
Michelle Mills Porter aka The People Reader

“In a world of over-used superlatives Lee Jackson is best described by a word often ignored and unfashionable nowadays. Lee is GOOD. GOOD at what he does…GOOD at backing up what he stands for…GOOD at bringing the best out in others. Everyone would benefit from having a Lee Jackson in their corner. I know I do.”
Big Ian Donaghy, Speaker/Writer

"...what makes this such a great read is his storytelling that gets you laughing, or the songs and movies he mentions that sets you off singing or reminiscing. Put this book in your medicine cabinet rather than the bookshelf. If you're having a bad day, this just might be the medicine you need to get better."
Darren Harris, Paralympian and England blind football team captain

"Lee Jackson’s done it again with this new book in the growing series of Get Good. ‘Get Good at Life’ gives a realistic and practical insight into what can be done to have a happy life. The book is written in bite size chunks which makes it easy to dip in and dip out when you’re wanting a bit of positivity. Lee’s writing is as he speaks and it’s clearly from the heart, as he has experienced many quirky scenarios through the years and has been able to dissect learnings and messages from them to share in this book. I love the humour the knowledge, the research and practical takeaways that I've got from reading this book. My next step will be to take action, and implement some of the lessons to fulfil my life of happiness as I look to the light. Or as Lee would say, “Make things happen, don't just get things done”
Steve Judge - Global motivational speaker and author

"So many books and so few hours to read them, so I am very fussy about what I read. Granted the book was written and formatted in a way that was appealing to me so it started well. Nice short, punchy comment sections that made me think. But more than this, it made me “do” things differently. The books key messages appear to be quite obvious at first but the author has a depth and breadth of knowledge and uses great stories and case studies to hold a mirror up to ourselves and face, at times, a few awkward assumptions that need addressing.
A great read from start to finish…and it is NOT often I finish a full book these days.
David Hyner, Researcher and speaker (to more than 1.2 million people)

“In Get Good® At Life, Lee takes you on a journey, without judgement, and with an open heart.
He blends his own life experiences with solid evidence, leaving you with a great guide for life.”
Elizabeth Wright, Paralympic medalist, speaker, and ABC journalist.

“Down to earth, honest and inspiring.”
Sorted magazine

About the author:

Lee Jackson is an international motivational speaker, presentation coach, and the author of 13 books. He is also a past president of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK & Ireland and one of only 29 people to be awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence